Biodegradable Plant Support

Without supports tress can get damaged or destroyed from natural processes, including animal interactions and weather. For the first two or three years of tree growth, supports are used for stopping damage. Tree supports mostly use wooden steaks with plastic sheets and ties. Other than the environmental impact of cutting down trees to grow trees, the plastic items are often neglected after these years and pollute the surrounding environment and can potentially be hazardous to local wildlife.

The biodegradable bioplastic supports are designed so trees can be grown with bioplastics, that degrade in to the ground according the tree growth rate. The bioplastics are technically edible, so any surrounding wildlife can be safe from accidentally consuming the plastic.

Overview of the issue and your approach: Conservation efforts are constantly trying to find more efficient methods for rewilding forests, this tree support design can improve plantation rates, and also be used at a consumer level for privately owned land. The design was created during a project titled Conservation Design, when problematics, locations, existing methods and other research was used for ideation, creating new sustainable Product designs.
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