Climate Ball

The Climate Ball is a mobile, outdoors installation that interactively raises awareness about the climate crisis and solutions while collecting opinions from visitors. In the summer of 2024, the Climate Ball will tour Ticino. The three-meter sphere has already been touring in Switzerland since June 2022 and has visited 17 locations in German-speaking Switzerland and three locations in French-speaking Switzerland. The Climate Ball is publicly accessible free of charge and accompanied by events. For more information, visit

Several Components define the Climate Ball:
– Eye-catching shape that can be seen from afar: three-meter sphere with eye-catching images.
– Signal effect through the colors red and yellow: easy-to-read terms related to the climate crisis
– Interactivity through hands-on elements: Hidden behind the silhouettes of people are questions about the measures to be taken on a social level.
– Peepholes for more in-depth information: Inside the Climate Ball are short illustrated texts on the topics of finance, climate adaptation, biodiversity, mobility, energy, agriculture, industry and consumption.
– Speakers with voice recordings from the future: A greeting from the future explains how we solved the crisis.
– Augmented reality: Visitors can use augmented reality to learn more about the installation and vote on potential actions. The results are displayed live on the website. If a measure is particularly popular, it will be physically incorporated into the installation and visible in public spaces.

Overview of the issue and your approach: To achieve a unified vision for our society of tomorrow, the installation presents nine different topics around the climate crisis and possible solutions in a simple and illustrated way. To reach as many people as possible, the Climate Ball will visit as many different public spaces as possible to engage in a dialogue with people. In addition to the physical installation, a participative event takes place at each location, focusing on direct exchange between people.

The target audience are pedestrians in public spaces. Since the Climate Ball uses simple language to explain complex problems, the installation has a wide reach, from high school students to the general public, from young to old.

Users can thus engage with the topics relating to the climate crisis in three ways:
- Visually and audibly at the installation as they walk by
- Interactively and digitally at the installation or from home
- In a direct exchange during an event

The Climate Ball fulfills the following goals:
- Raise awareness of climate change and motivate public engagement.
- Provide knowledge about current conditions.
- At the societal level, suggest different options for action.
- Inspire constructive civic initiatives for a sustainable society.
- Strengthen a positive sense of community for societal solutions to the climate crisis and encourage interaction among participants during events.
- Collect opinions and ideas from passers-by to represent current mood and opinions.
The stakeholders in your project: Development:
- FHNW HT, Institute for Interactive Technologies
- Greenpeace, various local groups
- Climate Pavilion Zurich
- Naturama Aargau
- One Planet Lab
- umverkehR
- Center for environmental exhibitions
- films for future
- Films for the earth

- Project management and design: Sonja Koch
- Graphics: Meltem Kalayci and Julian Peschel
- Illustrations: Fruzsina Korondi
- Rahel Koch, Leonie Jacobs: Programming

Many More: