Oxyspace- Speculative Design

What is the idea?
A rewarding experience for people actively taking part to make an effort in practicing pro-environmental behavior to create a healthy environment for them and the coming generations to enjoy ahead in time.

Who has access?
Only a person who actively thinks and is involved in making sustainable choices for the environment can have access to Oxyspace. No money, power or influence can help people access this space.

How will this help?
This will make people understand that people who deserve to enjoy the beauty of nature are also responsible in making an active effort in consistently living sustainably for their environment.

Any concerns?
To enter this space your devices get scanned. Tech advancements in future are going to result in invasion of privacy which is the no. 1 concern of all.

How to overcome?
People to act now so that later the environment does not only cater to the rich and influential. Healthy environments should not become a luxury.

Big picture?
This project helps people realize and introspect their behavior. They should realize how underrated their individual effort but collective impact is on the planet.

Overview of the issue and your approach: I have created a concept that rewards individuals on their pro environmental choices and helps them gain a better standard of living just by making incremental changes in their day to day life. Assuming that by 2030 everything is getting digitized, right from finance, shopping and healthcare to fitness and education. Just everything. The model works on collecting all the data from an individual about their lifestyle choices and standard of living and giving them access to a luxurious spaces that allows them to do whatever they like and give them access to premium experiences as a reward of their actions.
The stakeholders in your project: This is a solo project done by me under the guidance of my professor. If people come together to make this concept campaign a success in todays day and age then this could create a thought provoking impact on people to re-evaluate their carbon footprint and consider the impact they could create with collective efforts to make the environment a better place.
Agreement: Accepted