PURElight – Revolutionizing Hand Disinfection

PURElight revolutionizes hand disinfection in healthcare with advanced Cold Plasma and UV-C LED technologies. In healthcare, hand hygiene is critical, yet current methods struggle with time constraints and compliance. Liquid disinfectants, though effective, require 30 seconds, are error-prone due to many needed steps, and harm the environment.

The widespread use of chemical hand disinfectants, heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic, has raised alarming concerns about their impact on both human health and the environment. These liquids harbor an excess of chemicals, some of which pose severe threats to the environment, especially aquatic ecosystems. Studies reveal their toxic impact on vital organisms like fish and algae, with the potential for bioaccumulation in humans through water and food chain pathways.

PURElight addresses these pressing concerns by offering a rapid, effective, and environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional hand disinfection methods. Cold atmospheric plasma is an ionized gas that effectively kills bacteria and fungi within seconds. Short-wave UV-C light with a precise wavelength of 222 nm falls within the range of UV radiation that cannot penetrate human skin, including the cornea of the eye. It is therefore harmless to humans but can still effectively inactivate germs such as bacteria, spores, and fungi by breaking down their DNA. Previous UV lamps were largely considered harmful to the skin, as emitting a highly precise wavelength was not feasible before the development of UV-LEDs

Both disinfectant solutions, the Cold Plasma, and the UV-C light technology, swiftly complete the disinfection process in just a few seconds, approximately 5, mitigating the risk of errors, incomplete disinfection, and pathogen transmission. A huge advantage is that germs cannot develop resistance to these technologies, as we already have a significant problem with resistant germs due to liquid disinfectants. Users simply hold their hands under the device until the light signal ceases. Sensors ensure comprehensive disinfection and if wanted can even do pathogen scanning.

By utilizing Cold Plasma and UV radiation, PURElight emphasizes environmental and human health by reducing chemical exposure and contamination risks. It also strengthens healthcare resilience against climate-related hazards and natural disasters. Its precision sensors enable real-time monitoring and pathogen scanning, enhancing compliance and efficacy in hand hygiene. Aligned with WHO guidelines, PURElight establishes a new benchmark in healthcare hand hygiene, advocating for environmental sustainability and human well-being.

Overview of the issue and your approach: The extensive use of chemical hand disinfectants presents complex challenges, especially concerning environmental toxicity and pathogen resistance, significantly impacting healthcare resilience. These chemicals, commonly found in aquatic environments, raise concerns due to their harmful effects on aquatic life and potential harm to humans. Despite limited chronic data, these chemicals persist in the environment, posing risks even at low concentrations. Additionally, they worsen pathogen resistance, compromising infection control and healthcare system resilience. To address these issues, PURElight utilizes Cold Plasma and UV radiation, effectively eliminating infection risks by minimizing chemical exposure and contamination. With its quick disinfection process completed in just 5 seconds, it overcomes time constraints and errors associated with traditional disinfectants. Advanced sensors ensure thorough disinfection, promoting better compliance among healthcare workers and reducing healthcare-associated infections.
The stakeholders in your project: Healthcare facilities prioritize eco-friendly disinfection solutions like PURElight for infection prevention. Environmental organizations advocate sustainable technologies to reduce chemical pollution and protect ecosystems. Researchers ensure sustainability and efficacy. Governmental bodies monitor safety standards. Technology Developers and Manufacturers innovate for green solutions. Public trust grows through safe and environmentally friendly practices.
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