Second Chance Initiative

Second Chance Initiative
As part of our comprehensive ‘Second Chance Initiative,’ we present two innovative measures aimed at reducing food waste. We advocate for supermarkets to abandon strict marketing standards and embrace these ‘ugly fruits.’ This is complemented by our ‘Second Chance’ marketing strategy, involving labelling the packaging of visually imperfect fruits and vegetables. This encourages customers to make informed choices, earn rewards, and actively contribute to waste reduction, thereby boosting supermarket sales.
Secondly, to minimize in-store food waste associated with expiration dates, we have introduced the ‘Second Chance Discount Fruit and Veg Unit.’ In this approach, both ‘ugly’ and ‘pretty’ packaged fruits and vegetables nearing expiry are categorized and moved to the ;discount; unit. Loose fruits are organized in crates with increasing discounts as the expiration date approaches, creating a sense of urgency and effectively boosting sales. Together, these initiatives work harmoniously to combat food waste, promote sustainability, and enhance customer engagement.

Overview of the issue and your approach: Aim:
In the light of this issue, we aim to explore ways to minimize food waste, particularly fruit and vegetable waste generated by supermarkets by reconsidering how food is labelled and marketed.
Our goal is to eliminate supermarkets' marketing standards imposed on distributors, opting to accept all types of fruits and vegetables, regardless of their appearance. Therefore, introducing our proposed solution, "Second Chance," involves a marketing strategy that encourages consumers to buy visually imperfect produce by offering rewards. Additionally, we suggest selling items nearing expiration at a discount through our "Second Chance Discount Unit." Through the implementation of our solution, the aim is to significantly reduce food wastage within the supermarket sector.

The stakeholders in your project: Food Quality Standard Regulators, South African Fruit and Veg farms(owners and employees), Freshmark (Shoprite's fruit and Veg distributors), Shoprite Supermarket Retail Sector/Checkers Food retail Convenience stores, Grocery Stores, Supermarkets (Management, Customers, shareholders, waste disposal operators).