solar kitchen

The project is based on refracting the sunbeams. To give the product the possibility of working in different places, during different months and in different parts of the day there is a necessity to turn the product in two different planes – the whole product all the way around and also the refracting sphere around the axis of the concentration point of the sunbeams.

The usage of the product is very easy, intuitive – all you need to do is steer the whole product to “look” towards the Sun and then using the chain, by pulling, tilt the sphere to an angle of 90° in relation to the Sun. To maintain the needed tilt hitch the chain to the hook located on the base of the product. When the product is in the right position, put your dish on the stove lid and let it cook with the solar power.

Overview of the issue and your approach: Due to the high frequency of dangerous wildfires in southern Europe while it is being a very popular tourist destination for traveling with tents or in RVs there is a need for a safe - fire free exterior cooking.
This problem is resolved by an exterior kitchen that would be open-access, it would be installed in public places.
The stakeholders in your project: public space - local authorities, towns, cities, government
Agreement: Accepted