The Forgotten – Dead Or Alive

The Lake Chad is dying and if nothing is done, it will belong to the past. It is important to understand, the Lake Chad is the home of first Men, and a worldwide patrimony which need to be preserve for the health and equilibrium of our planet. Hermann Kamte & Associates reveals their vision for the regeneration of the lake before its pronounced disappearance.

Today, it is a fact, Several Continentals Oceans are dying around the world, but in central Africa, the situation of Lake Chad is so critic; this Biome is dying every day. The Scientifics estimate its dead in this century if nothing is done. Remember, this ecosystem is one of the first settlement patterns of peoples in the Sahara, and its potential has been evaluated as one of the best cultivable area for food, as a humanity garret at the beginning of this own century. Not only assimilated as ecological catastrophe with the disappearance of biotopes, fauna and flora; it will also a human catastrophe which directly affects more than 9 million persons and 30 million indirectly in this region. 50,000 B.C., the lake covered 2 million square kilometers; in 1963 the Lake covers 25,000 km2; 2001 its surface area shrinks to 4,000 km2. Observing, the drying evolution the lake will be gone with the best part of the potential it can offer to our planet. In some years, there will also a drying desert at this place.

In 1964 the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) is created, one of its missions is to sustainably and equitably manage the Lake Chad and other shared water resources, also to preserve the ecosystems. The LCBC initiated many projects for the resurgence of Lake Chad few has been accomplished but the most part finish without any issue.

Is it too late? Will we let it dead forever? How the Lake Chad can be saved and regenerated? What is the future of the others dying Continentals Oceans?

Water is Life, to save Lake Chad; a lot of actions will consist to regenerate it by the proposal of a Limnology and a Desalination Centre on the site. The Limnology Centre will be a self-sufficient with the mission to study the lake and its surroundings. At the same time, the Desalination Centre with its Pipelines will connect the Atlantic Ocean and Lake. Water from the ocean will be treated and redistributed as fresh water for people consumption and mineralized water to regenerate the Lake. The design concept seems to an amphibian structure merge into the lake. The program can reveal complexity of the matter to solve. The goal is a design strategy that resolve some aberration encountered in this rude environment. Architecture and sites are in dialogue, creating tension between them. The saving solutions are phased in three parts. Between 2016 and 2026, the first stages will be at the same time, the study of the lake and the construction and the connection of the pipelines with the lake. In 2020, the second stage will be the start of greenness the lake surrounding with trees and low vegetation for agriculture. In 2080, the final stage will be the beginning of natural regeneration; pipelines will be stopped and woodland will take the relay of the lake regeneration. This Design revealed the transition to a better world and makes it more evident. Not only as a simple Design are these proposals emphasis on sustainability and preservation of our planet.

Overview of the issue and your approach: This project is a research in progress; we started it in order to help disadvantaged and isolated communities in Africa. It is above all a personal initiative of our agency; our team. The research was initiated on the basis of documentary collections during the year 2016 including but not limited to (books, Reviews, papers, Videos, Audio, Report, etc.).
Today it is necessary to mention that we have financial problem to pursue the project, an initiative of raising of fund is in studies with international donor and local authority of the countries directly concerned such as Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger and Chad. The situation is so serious that in February 2018 an international conference on Lake Chad was held in Abuja. We need this funding to advance our research; we have to program a visit of the site on real time. This will be helpful for travel fee and buy basic materials.

Saving Lake Chad, Regenerating A dying ecosystem is the objective reason why this fund can be awarded. The main goal is to implement the regeneration of Lake Chad, safeguarding the planet, protecting humanity. To be the winner of this prize will be the contribution of the World Architecture Festival.
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