The working of the project starts from the main drainage channel which is clogged and from which all rubbish and waste is collected
The collected waste is temporarily put on the general waste collection point after which the organic waste is sorted from the inorganic waste(plastics)for easy handling.
1.The organic waste is temporarily put in the organic waste collection point at A.
2.The organic waste is dried off of moisture by spreading it out in the sun on the roofs of the shelters .
3.After drying the organic waste is crushed or pounded in compartment B of the shelter.
4.Also in section B,sieving of charcoal dust is done which will later be added to the crushed organic matter.
5.At C, mixing of raw materials and briquette making is done using charcoal dust,water, mud, and crushed organic matter.
6.The made charcoal briquettes are put in shelves aligned along the back part of the existing building protecting them from the sun but also having them in the open to dry
7.Section 7 is a storage space for dried ready charcoal briquettes ready for sale.
8.The plastics are contained in the plastic collection point at E ,those from the drain and those picked from the whole community.
9.The washing point is connected to the plastic collection point with a small outlet for plastics for the next washing hence regulation is easy.
10.After washing, the plastics are dried,packed and collected from point G
11.Point G is close to the road for easy access and pick up by a touch which takes them to the nearest plastic recycling Plant in Kawaala.
12.Present is also a water recycling system that filters and decants water from the trench making it clean enuf to use for activities stated in this project.

Overview of the issue and your approach: It has come to my realization as evidenced in the images attached that waste management is very crucial and its poor management has big effect on the environment. CASE STUDY,INFORMAL SETTLEMENTS OF BWAISE KAMPALA UGANDA.
Such issues have resulted into flooding due to clogging of drainage channels,diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea, but at the same time, burning this waste especially plastics is very hazardous to the environment.
This projects seeks to provide solutions in favour of both the community and the environment.
The stakeholders in your project: KENGANZI CYNTHIA