In the current society, the issue of sustainable development is becoming increasingly prominent, and people’s demand for environmental protection and green buildings is constantly increasing. To meet this demand, we have designed the Zen Bamboo. Bamboo has high elasticity and toughness, which can resist pressure and tension smoothly. Moreover, the production cycle of bamboo is short, and it can grow up to 3 feet overnight. It can grow and renew quickly, replace wood and other resources, and achieve sustainable utilization. Products made from bamboo fibers can naturally degrade in soil and have no environmental pollution after decomposition. On the exterior, the lighting scheme of this lamp is uniquely designed, presenting different appearances from each angle of observation, increasing aesthetic appeal and design diversity. ZenBamboo is suitable for various scenarios, including home, schools, indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether it is home users, schools, or businesses, all can benefit from this innovative product. In addition, in terms of functions, the partially movable and 360 degree rotating design provides a wider range of lighting, while the dual light sources in the rotating part increase the flexibility of the lighting. At the same time, the basic lighting meets basic lighting needs, and the characteristics of absorbing and purifying air create a healthier indoor environment for users. Our goal is not only to meet the needs of modern architecture, but also to provide society with a more environmentally friendly and sustainable choice. By promoting the use of bamboo materials, we are committed to promoting the concept of sustainable development and injecting more green elements into the future development of the construction industry.

Overview of the issue and your approach: On November 7, 2022, the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the National Bamboo and Rattan Organization and the 2nd World Bamboo and Rattan Congress opened in Beijing. Its initiative of "replacing plastic with bamboo" has attracted attention. Currently, more than 70% of single-use plastics produced globally are discarded directly into soil, air and oceans. As a green, low-carbon, and degradable biomass material, bamboo is an effective way to reduce the use of plastics and reduce plastic pollution from the source, which contributes to the realization of China's "double carbon" goal and the mitigation of global warming.
Bamboo products are becoming an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic products. The bamboo lamps we make are also used in the original bamboo chandelier, interspersed with metal pipes to connect the bulbs, which can hang down at will to form a chandelier with a high sense of form, thus bringing a different visual experience from every angle. It can be said that the bamboo lamp can combine traditional industry with agriculture, with low-carbon environmental protection and industrial development at the same end.
Green design is a necessity to achieve sustainable development. In the traditional industrial production model, the basic attributes of the product are mainly considered and the environmental attributes are less considered when designing products. Therefore, to achieve sustainable development, enterprises are required to change the traditional production methods and concepts, and fundamentally save resources. The bamboo lamp practices the concept of green development, this degradable bamboo material, can increase the proportion of green products, so as to achieve the sustainable development of all chains of social production, and is also the embodiment of China's active practice of the development concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets".
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