An innovative route for recycling agricultural waste

This project has researched and designed a set of technical schemes for the efficient recycling of agricultural waste, so as to realize the comprehensive utilization of agricultural waste resources and reduce environmental pollution.
We have not only produced pellet fuels with high energy, but also created refined wood vinegar which has widely applications by employing this technology.
Our findings solve the problem of harmful waste in the process of wood vinegar refining. From the gasification of agricultural waste to the production of refined wood vinegar, there is no waste residue in the whole process. This route has wide applications in the field of agriculture due to the recycling of by-products and the low production cost.

Overview of the issue and your approach: In order to solve the problem of excessive agricultural waste and lack a low-carbon environment-friendly and efficient technology for recycling agricultural waste, we design a recycling route of agricultural waste with a high utilization to make these waste more valuable.
The stakeholders in your project: Team Advisor: He Hui, Institution: Zhejiang Sci–Tech University