Vision Carbon

To stand a chance at meeting Paris agreement targets, we are going to need high-integrity and interoperable carbon markets aligned with international best standards that support carbon reduction and removal.As a one-stop sustainable commodity exchange, we used distributed ledger technology – to create an traceable, immutable, auditable and decentralised record of carbon market data.

A blockchain-based global sustainable commodity exchange, enable the simple, secure, and transparent transfer of environmental digital assets. We are high-trust and efficient trading platform by leveraging blockchain for an open, transparent, and liquid asset that reduces friction, and ultimately decentralizes the system to provide a truly distributed and borderless solution for commodities trading and asset value creation. (Including Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, etc.) and simplify the trading process of carbon offset. Vision carbon offers distinct platforms and products that cater to the needs of different carbon credit buyers and sellers.

Overview of the issue and your approach: High commission fees, Double counting, Low-quality carbon credits, Lack of trust, Bad accessibility and liquidity of assets, Time-consuming for end-buyers

Global Trading
Zero transaction fees. Transaction details are recorded on distributed ledger great to data audit and transparency. Avoiding double counting & green washing by providing a truly distributed and borderless solution for commodities trading and asset value creation.

MRV(Monitoring, reporting and verification)
Tracking each step of the carbon credit creation, ownership, retirement, and transfer of carbon credits and offsets. Collect real-time carbon credit data boosting transparency and fostering collaboration.

Carbon Footprint Calculator and Labelling
Calculate the life cycle carbon footprint of their product or service. Scan the QR code to trace at each step of the carbon foorprint from production to distribution and all the way to the store.

STO (Security Token Offerings)
Creates digital tokens supported by certified carbon credits, which can incorate the rules and logic governing transfer. Widely Open for institutional investors and individuals globally on carbon credit. Rewards for Liquidity Providers, stake of collected fees.

The stakeholders in your project: PROJECT DEVELOPERS

They set up the projects issuing carbon credits, which can range from large-scale, industrial-style projects like a high-volume hydro plant, to solar, wind energy


companies, organiztions – or individual consumers – that have committed to offset part